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A message from Coach Jossie:

With the threat of COVID-19 causing all of us to stay at home there is no better time than now to create a space, a virtual space even, where kids are encouraged and inspired to let their imagination run free with possibilities. I’d love to help you with that.

Coach Jossie is the premiere coach to the stars...

At Kids W.A.Y (Who Are You?) Acting Academy, our students (also known as W.A.Y kids) are challenged to answer the question, “Who Am I?”. 

We teach tried and true acting techniques while simultaneously building self-confidence. Coach Jossie will guide W.A.Y kids through acting fundamentals such as improv exercises, scene work, monologues, writing and mock auditions to set your child up for a lifetime of acting.

Kids W.A.Y's mission is to create a safe place for kids and teens to boldly share their gifts as professionals in the entertainment industry. Coach Jossie has worked with many professional child actors. Most recently, she worked as the on set acting coach for the new LeBron James biopic and the upcoming Disney series Saturdays, starring Golden Brooks, Omar Gooding and YoYo. 

Kids W.A.Y equips kids and teens with the tools to discover their true voice to help young people who may find themselves as a victim of bullying to stand up for themselves and those around them. Bullying prevention is a cause close to Coach Jossie's heart and a fundamental reason she started the academy. Even if your child is not looking to be a professional actor, these classes can help your child come out of there shell and stand true in who they are. 


All online classes meet via Zoom, FaceTime, FaceBook, Google Duo, Google Hangouts.


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$25.00 USD

*Groups of 5 or more can set their own class date and time by emailing [email protected]

*All online classes meet via Zoom, FaceTime, FaceBook, Google Duo, Google
Hangouts or Skype, to name a few.

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